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Best video editing App

Best video editing app for Android

 If you are searching for video editing app then you have come to the right website. In this post I will tell you 5 best video editing apps, all of which are above each other in themselves. The special thing about the 5 video editing apps that I am going to tell is that all of them are available in Google playstore.

      In today's time internet is growing very fast. Every person connected to the Internet is connected to social media. YouTube is the most popular platform in the internet world. If you like to share videos on youtube, then you are lucky that you must want to get views and likes. Video editing / video editing app plays an important role in fulfilling this desire. Because with the help of video editing app, you can easily correct or perfect the mistakes of recorded gye videos. Under video editing, you can do other things like adding video effect, video crop, voice, adding video clip and applying text.

                                                                      Today there is a lot of software available on the internet for computer, but there are ghost work options compared to computer for mobile. Talking about a good video editing app for mobile, there are very few. That's why I am going to tell you in this post some of the best video editing apps that you can easily download from Google playstore. So let us tell about those best 5 video editing apps in turn.

 1. You Cut

You cut video editing app

 You Cut is a very good video editing app, which has a very easy interface. It has 50+ million downloaders in google playstore, and its rating is 4.8. It is very easy to use because of its easy interface. The special thing about YOU Cut video editing app is that if you have recorded your video in 4k, then after editing it, you can export it in the same quality. If you want to apply effect to the video, then you can apply. With the help of this video editing app, you can also cut and split the video. If you want to insert a song in the video, then you can do it with the help of You Cut. One of the nice feature of You Cut is that You Cut me already has auto crop option available for the size of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram story, with the help of which you can easily crop video for story and youtube video. Huh. And to remove the watermark in Youcut, no charge of any kind has to be paid.

 2. Kinemaster


 Kinemaster is a very powerful video editing app for video editing. Which has 100M+ downloader in Google playstore, as well as its rating of 4.4 . Most of the YouTubers use Kinemaster. With the help of Kinemaster, you can do almost all the work of video editing. Like adding music to the video, filling or lightening the audio of the video, speeding up or jada the audio of the video, with the help of this tk you can also remove the background of the video. And also the animation in the video are skte team. But you can also do it for free with Kinemaster, and to remove more features and watermark, you have to buy premium member ship of Kinemaster. Asa krta only you will use kinemaster because kinemaster is very powerful video editing app.

 3. Video show video editor

Video show video editor

 Talking about video shows, it is also not less than anyone, it is also a very powerful video editing app in itself. Whose Google playstore has a total of 100M+ downloaders with a rating of 4.6🌟. Talking about its size, its size is 33MB. Video show is a very amazing video editing app. All the above features are available in this app. The special thing about video show is that with this you can compress the size of the video as well as you can separate the audio of your video, which is called video to audio. And in this video editing app, some templates are already given for video editing, using which you can make your video professional. I would suggest that you use this app in your video editing.