Best 5 ways earn money from Google- earn with Google

Earn with Google

 Google is a very big company.  Google is a name that every child knows.  The founder of this company is Larry Page, Sergey Brin and the CEO of Google company is Sundar Pichai, who is a resident of Indian origin.  Google offers a lot of opportunities to earn money online.  Let us tell you that Google has given many platforms for those who want to earn money online.  From where you can earn money online.

 So friends now know that Google best five platforms from where you can earn money.

 1. Youtube



 4.Google opinion Reward

 5.Google Play

 6.Google Pay

 1. Youtube

YouTube is a video platform where you get to watch videos of every category.  Such as: Education, Technology, Entertainment, Mystery, Historical Extra all types of YouTube pr videos will be available to watch.  YouTube pays you for making videos.  Yes friends you heard right YouTube gives money for making videos.  Friends tell you that from the very beginning you do not get money for making videos.  You have to meet the criteria of YouTube to earn money from YouTube.  YouTube's standard is that you must complete 1k subscribers and 4000 watchtimes within a year.  Friends, let me tell you that if you work with full hard work, then it is my big that you will meet the criteria of YouTube in 2 to 3 months.  If you meet the criteria of YouTube, then you will get an account of Adsense, where you will be shown the earnings of YouTube and money goes to your account from Adsense itself.  If you have a question about what is Adsense then you will find the answer below.

 How to earn money from youtube

1. Go to YouTube

 2.Sign in with google on YouTube

 3. Choose short and unique channel name

 4. Create a channel

 5. Upload video

 6. Complete YouTube criteria

 7. Apply Adsense Account

 8. congratulations🎉🎉 you can earn money💲💲 from YouTube


 Blogger is also a platform of Google.  Where you can earn money by writing articles.  If you know how to write articles, then you can easily earn 50 to 100 dollars easily from here.

 How to work on Blogger/Blogspot

1. Go to Google blogger 1st site

 4. Signup with email

 5. Choose title

 6. Chosse blog address

 7. Choose theme

 8. Click third dot line

 9. Click post

 10. Write article and publish

 11. Apply Adsense

 12. Congratulations you can show ads on your website and earn from blogger


 Adsense is also a platform of GoogleAdsense is an advertising company.  Big companies are associated with Adsense.  New companies get their promotion done through Adsense to grow their business.  Adsense promote on youtube, blogger m other platforms.  Adsense shows our videos and promotions on our website and gives us 55% of the revenue generated and keeps 45% of the revenue generated from it.  So friends, if you also want to earn money from Adsense, then join YouTube and Blogger from today with the above mentioned methods.

 Google Opinion Reward

 Google Opinion Reward is also a platform of Google itself.  Where to signup.  And earn money by completing easy surveys.  Yes friends you heard right, you can earn money by completing this survey.

 How to earn money from Google Opinion Reward

 1. Open play store

 2. Google Opinion Reward

 3. Signup with email

 4. Answer the survey

 5. Now, you can earn money

 Google Play

 This is also a platform of Google itself.  Which is an appstore.  If you have knowledge of coding, then you can earn money by creating an Android app and publishing it in the Google Play Store.

 How to earn money from Google Play

 1. Buy Google search console id

 2.Publish your app

 3. Place ads on your app

 4. Now, you can earn money

 Google Pay

 Google Pay is an Android app, which is a payment gateway.  With the help of Google Pay, you are able to order and send payment from anyone.  You get cashback when you pay with Google Pay.  And for one referral, you get Rs 225.with use this refrall code (fc98l1h)

                Download Google Pay