Best 5 bitcoin buying app for Android

 Best 5 bitcoin buying app for Android 

Best 5 bitcoin buying app for Android

What is bitcoin, how to buy it in India.  These questions are on the mind of people from the ghost, and how to buy bitcoin.
 If you are also looking for bitcoin app then you read this article carefully.  Then you will get the answer of your question.
                         Friends bitcoin is a crypto currency.  Bitcoin (₿) is a decentralized digital currency.  The symbol for bitcoin is (₿).  The owner of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto.  Who was born on 5 April 1975 in Japan.  There has been a lot of volatility in the price of bitcoin in the past few days.  Elon Musk's company Tesla can also be the reason for the decrease in the price of bitcoin in the last days.  Because Tesla has stopped taking its car payments in bitcoin.  So that's why one should buy bitcoin at this time.  So let's talk about the best 3 bitcoin buying apps for Android in India today.


 Best 5 bitcoin buying app for Android in India

 1. Coinswitch Kuber
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 CoinSwitch is Kuber crypto exchange platform, which was launched on 31 May 2020.  It lets you trade in a simple and integrated way.  If you also want to keep buying bitcoins in coinswitch kuber, then you have to complete three steps.
 1. Signup with mobile number and emai
 2.Create secret pin
 3. Complete kywith Aadhar and Pan

 After doing these three steps you have bitcoin buy and sell act inside coinswitch kuber.  The minimum deposit inside coinswitch kuber is Rs.100.  Deposit inside coinswitch kuber Indian payment method like paytm, phone pe, google pay, bank transfer etc.

 2. CoinDCX Go
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 CoinDCX was launched on 9 December 2020.  It is also similar to Coinswitch kuber.  These are also crypto exchange platforms.  Its special thing is that without doing KYC, there should be an act of depositing, withdrawing and trading.  Its withdrawal system is very fast.  It also has a minimum deposit of Rs 100.



 WazirX was launched on 7th March 2018.  These are also crypto exchange platforms.  It stars Honor Nischal Shetty.  In order to trade deposit it again you have to follow the following steps first.
 1. Signup with mobile number and email :- To signup you have to enter email id, and password and click on signup button.  After this, a confirmation link will be sent to your email, after confirming it, your account will be created successfully.
 2. Kyc with Aadhar and pan detail
 3. Enjoy Deposit and trade